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Come work at camp this summer!

You can now apply to work at Salem Acres this summer. Come and have an amazing summer all while getting paid to be there. The positions this year are:

  • Cabin Leader

  • Camp Nurse

  • Head Cook

  • Assistant Cook

  • Program Coordinator

  • Staff Care Leader

  • Media Coordinator

  • Worship Leader

  • Maintenance

  • Dishwasher

  • Janitor


We want you at camp! Come and volunteer for a week or two and have the most rewarding experience of the summer. We are looking for the following for many weeks of camp:

  • Director

  • Co-Director

  • Jr Cabin Leader

  • Program Team

  • Speaker

  • Mentor

  • Head Cook

  • Media Assistant

  • Kitchen Staff

  • First Aid Helper

  • Maintenance

  • Option Leader

  • Cabin Leader

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