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Overlooking the Red Deer River, Salem Acres is a summer camp and year-round retreat centre, a short drive from Calgary, AB. We provide exciting camps for kids, leadership opportunities for teens, and relaxing retreats.


Our Mission is to...


To fulfill this mission, we endeavour to: 


  • expose all people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ,  to give them opportunities to accept Christ, and to develop a deeper relationship with him.

  • develop Christian leaders through training, mentoring, and serving.

  • operate camps for kids and families, and rent our facility to retreat groups.

  • to value excellence, friendliness, and respect.


Our vision is for people who engage with us to reach into their own community by loving God and loving their neighbours.


Statement of Faith

  • The Word of God:

    We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, free from all falsehood, entirely true and trustworthy and that it has supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. 
    2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 1:16

  • The Trinity:

    We believe that there is one living and true God, creator of the heavens and earth, eternally existing in three persons; the Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. They are equal in every divine perfection, and they execute distinct but harmonious roles in the work of creation, providence and redemption. 
    1 John 5:7, John 1:1

  • Jesus Christ:

    We believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten son, conceived by the Holy Spirit. We believe in His virgin birth, sinless life, miracles and teachings as recorded by the scriptures. We believe in His atoning death, bodily resurrection, ascension into Heaven, perpetual intercession for His people, and personal visible return to earth. 
    Luke 1:31-36, Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 28:6, Hebrews 7:25, Acts 1:11, Revelation 1:7

  • The Holy Spirit:

    We believe that the Holy Spirit is an active force in the lives of Jesus' followers and indwells them with the purpose of empowering and enhancing a holy, consecrated life. 
    Romans 8;14, Galatians 5:16

  • Satan:

    We believe that Satan and his demons are created beings and adversaries of God whose ultimate desire is the destruction of humankind. We believe that Jesus was born to redeem humankind and destroy the works of the devil. 
    John 10:10, 1 John 3:8

  • State of Humankind/Salvation:

    We believe that humankind was created in the image of God and that all humankind sinned and thereby incurred not only physical death but also spiritual separation from God. We believe that God passionately loves his creatures and desires to reconcile all people to himself. God has made this reconciliation possible only through Christ’s death and resurrection. We believe that whoever receives God’s free gift of grace and salvation in Christ Jesus, through faith, will be saved. We believe that God has called us to share this good news with all humankind. 
    Romans 3:10, Romans 3:23, John 3:16, Acts 4:12, Matthew 28:18-20, Ephesians 2:8-9

  • Godly Living:

    We believe that we are called to love and emulate God. Through willing obedience, our ultimate goal is to bring glory to God through Jesus Christ and to enjoy Him forever. We are committed to living like Jesus Christ and applying the principles from the Bible, as a whole, to our everyday lives. 
    Luke 10:27, Ecclesiastes 12:13, 1 Corinthians 11:1

  • Purpose:

    We believe that we are called to love all people. Each person is uniquely created in the image and likeness of God, is to be highly valued, and will exist forever.     Luke 10:27, 1 John 4:7 & 8

Statement of Faith

Loving people, it blesses you so much

Alex, Kitchen Coordinator

Camp feels like a family to me

Kirk, Cabin Leader

My favourite part of camp is creating memories and building relationships with the people

Mer, Volunteer

  • How do I volunteer?
    Go to our Join Our Team page and click on the New or Returning Volunteer button. You can also see our volunteer needs on the same page if you want to see where you can help. If you want to talk to someone directly tell us in the chat or email us at or call 403-773-2226.
  • When does registration open?
    Registration opens on February 1st, 2024
  • Where are you located?
    Salem Acres Bible Camp 21442, Highway 590 near Elnora, AB We are located on the north side of Highway 590, 70 kilometres east of Highway 2 at Innisfail. From Calgary: We are about 19kms east of the stop sign at Highway 21 on the left at the top of the Red Deer River hill. If you end up at the river you have gone too far, turn around and take your second right. Travel time is approximately 2 hours. From Red Deer and Edmonton: We are about 19kms east of the stop sign at Highway 21 on the left at the top of the Red Deer River hill. If you end up at the river you have gone too far, turn around and take your second right. Travel time is 1 hour from Red Deer and 2.5 hours from Edmonton. From the East of the Red Deer River: take Highway 56 (South from Stettler or North from Drumheller). Turn West onto Highway 590. Cross the river at the McKenzie Crossing and take the second driveway on your right. From the West of the Red Deer River: Take Highway 21 and turn east onto Highway 590. The driveway will be on your left at the top of the hill going down to the McKenzie Crossing. If you go down the hill and cross the river, you've gone too far.
  • How do I get more info about retreats?
    Go to our Retreats page and you'll find availability, facilities, activities, and much more. To get a quote fill out the request form on our Retreats page and if you want to talk to someone in person please contact us by emailing or calling 403-773-2226.
  • What is the age range for camp?
    Kids Camp I, II, & III are ages 7 - 10 and mixed gender. Teen is for ages 14 - 18 and mixed gender. Girls Camp is for ages 11 - 13 girls Boys Adventure Camp is for ages 13 - 14 boys Jr. Teen is for ages 11-13 and mixed gender.
  • When do I drop off & pick up my child?
    Camp always begins on a Sunday and ends the following Friday. You should arrive no earlier than 4:00 p.m. to drop them off on Sunday and arrive no later than 2:00 p.m. to pick them up on Friday. *This does not apply to children who are riding the bus.
  • How do I contact my child?
    For emergency contact please call 403-773-2226 and ask to speak to the Camp Director. They will locate your child OR contact us through our contact page.
  • Does my child need a lifejacket?
    Lifejackets are required for all river activities at Salem Acres and are included in the registration fee. If you want to send a personal lifejacket along with your child, please make sure it is clearly labeled with your child's name.
  • How do I register for summer camp?
    Registration for camp is only available online. Check out our registration page for how to register.
  • How do I update my address and log in information?
    Log in to the registration system and on the main menu click 'Update'. You'll be able to change your email, password, and contact information.
  • How much does registration cost?
    Registration for 2024 is $425.00 per person and busing is an additional $40.00 per camper.
  • What forms are needed before coming to camp?
    Please fill out the informed consent form before you come. You can find out more details on our camp info page.
  • Does Salem Acres provide transportation to camp?
    A bus pass for Salem Acres may be purchased when completing your child's registration. Please go to our registration system to register your child and arrange for busing if you need it. Registration "Check-In" will happen at the bus pick-up location, so please ensure that you have downloaded all necessary forms and waivers, and have them with you. PLEASE ARRIVE HALF AN HOUR PRIOR TO DEPARTURE TIME to allow time for "check-in" to help keep us on schedule. ​ CALGARY LOCATION Meeting Place: There is one pickup/dropoff location in Calgary, the Deerfoot Mall/City parking lot by the iFly. 811 64 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3Z8 ​ Check-in Time on Sundays: 2:30 p.m. ​ Return from Camp on Friday: 5:30 p.m. ​ Round Trip Fee: $40.00 per camper
  • How do I apply for a subsidy?
    Please fill out our subsidy application form. To get more details and to find out more ways to save see our financial assistance section on our camp info page.
  • I can't afford camp
    We still want you to come! Salem Acres has a subsidy program that you can apply for by contacting the Registrar at
  • Why doesn't the camp I want to register for show up?
    Check that your child's age meets the age requirement for the camp (when the camp will be running) you are trying to register for. If it still isn't working or you have a special reasons for their age not matching please contact us.
  • How do I get a receipt for my registration?
    Log in to the registration system and on the main menu click 'Review' or 'Pay'. At the bottom of the page there is a button for getting a receipt for each camp registration.
  • How do I see the remaining amount owning on my registration?
    Log in to the registration system and on the main menu click 'Pay'. Under Outstanding Individual Camp Balances you'll be able to see the registrations if they have any amounts owing and the amount due.
  • What to bring to camp?
    Please bring the following items and ensure they are all labelled with the camper's name: Clothing for warm days and cool nights, including long pants for evenings around the campfire 1 complete change of clothes that can get wet & dirty during games Bible Jacket Hat Rain gear Water bottle Swimsuit/towel Shower towel, toothbrush, and other personal toiletries Sunscreen and insect repellent Proper footwear for hiking and sports Shoes to wear in the river (must be a pair that cannot fall off i.e. runners) Sleeping bag and pillow Notebook and pen Medications (ex: Epipen, etc. Please see our Medical Info section above for more details) Clothing for theme nights (email will be sent with more info) ​​ Optional Items: Life jacket (Salem Acres provides life jackets for all campers who need them) Dress or nice clothes for banquet night Flashlight & spare batteries Daypack Camera (you will NOT be allowed to have your phone to use as a camera), musical instrument, etc. ​​ We ask that all campers and staff dress modestly and appropriately while at Salem Acres Bible Camp, so please pack accordingly. DO NOT BRING: Personal electronic devices (iPods, Video Games, cellphones, etc), pets, tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, junk food or extra snacks (unless on a restricted diet), money or other valuables, short shorts/skirts, halter tops or bikinis.
  • My child has food restrictions or a medical condition.
    We will do our best to accommodate your child's food restrictions/medical conditions. Please let us know about them when you register. See our medical or the required forms section on the camp info page for more information.
  • Does Salem Acres need volunteers?
    Yes, yes, yes! We are always looking for volunteers all year round. To find out what we're looking for see our Join our Team page.
  • Does Salem Acres have any paid positions?
    Yes, Salem Acres hires several people throughout the year for retreats, full-time, and summer staff. To find out more see our Join our Team page or contact us. Applications for summer staff 2024 are now open.
  • What should I pack if I'm a volunteer?
    We've created a handy list for you to start to get ready for camp. If you have any questions let us know. Check out our Packing list.
  • Can I volunteer at Salem Acres?
    Yes, we would love to have you as a volunteer! Camp runs on volunteers just like you. Find out how to apply and what positions are needed on our Join our Team page.
  • Do I have to get a criminal record check?
    Criminal Record Checks must be provided every three years by any summer camp volunteer/staff 18 years and older. Please email our admin to obtain a letter to take to your local Police Station if you have not submitted a Record Check in the last 3 years. If you are unsure, please confirm with the admin staff by emailing or calling 403-773-2226.
  • How do I apply for a job at Salem Acres?
    You can apply on our Join our Team page for any positions that we currently have available.
  • What is the packing list for Summer Staff?
    We have a handy list for you to start getting ready for your summer at camp. Check it out here.
  • What is the requirements to be hired for a Canada Summer Job position?
    Requirements for Canada Summer Jobs Grants Positions: Be between 15 and 30 years of age at the start of the employment; be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person to whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act for the duration of the employment*; and, have a valid Social Insurance Number at the start of employment and be legally entitled to work in Canada in accordance with relevant provincial or territorial legislation and regulations. ​​*International students are not eligible participants. International students include anyone who is temporarily in Canada for studies and who is not a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person who has been granted refugee status in Canada. More information about the program here.
  • What does Salem Acres look like?
    We have a few photos and descriptions of our facilities on our Retreats page. Another way to see the property is to check out our social media pages.
  • What is the food like?
    Salem Acres is famous for its good food – and lots of it! Managed by a professional caterer, our kitchen emphasizes nutritious, well-presented, and balanced meals. Have a special dining request? From barbeques to elaborate banquets, we have you covered! We would be happy to design a menu that suits your groups' tastes! Please email us at for more information on catering. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated.
  • Can I have my wedding at camp?
    Yes you can! We would love for you to consider us for your wedding. Nothing says romantic like having the Red Deer River valley as a backdrop for your special day. Take a walk through fairy lights to a glowing campfire and spend the evening before your wedding with family and friends. We will work with you to create the indoor or outdoor wedding you have always dreamed of on a budget far less than you might think! Find out more details and request a quote on our Retreats page.
  • Can I host a family camp at Salem Acres?
    Yes! - Bring everyone altogether by hosting a family camp! Whether you want to try a weekend or a whole week in summer – we can help you create that experience that takes your church community to a whole new level! With activities geared towards kids and adults alike, it is a time your church family will likely never forget!
  • I'm I able to get a quote for a rental?
    Yes, we give quotes for all rental/retreat requests. You can fill out the request form on our Retreats page.
  • Can I bring my youth group to Salem Acres?
    Yes! - We specialize in youth and will provide an atmosphere for them to be challenged spiritually, physically and socially! A youth retreat at Salem Acres is a great opportunity for teens to deepen their relationship with God and with others in their community – these are the relationships that last a lifetime!
  • Can I have a field trip at Salem Acres?
    Yes! - We offer a unique location which allows us to partner with educators to provide an hands-on, outdoor education like no other! Our property, right on the banks of the Red Deer River, is a distinct location for kids to explore everything from dinosaurs to dragonflies! Teach about - geology, paleontology, bird/wildlife watching, water systems, plantlife, or have some intense physical education with orienteering, canoeing, bouldering, or field sports. Whether you are looking to develop a structured learning module or have a fun sports day we would be happy to welcome your kids!
  • Can we rent your facilities?
    Yes, we have a variety of options for renting our facilities. Find out more on our Retreats page.
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