Salem Acres Retreats

Here at camp we offer a vairety of retreats. Find out what's coming up

Church Groups

Youth Groups, Family Camp, Mens/Ladies Groups, Pastors/Elders, and much more

School Groups

Salem Acres is the perfect location for field trips or Band/Choir Camps

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Retreat Dining

Salem Acres is famous for its good food – and lots of it! Managed by a professional caterer, our kitchen emphasizes nutritious, well-presented, and balanced meals.

Have a special dining request? From barbeques to elaborate banquets, we have you covered! We would be happy to design a menu that suits your groups' tastes! Please email us at for more information on catering.

Special dietary requirements can be accommodated. 


School Groups

Field Trips

We offer a unique location which allows us to partner with educators to provide an hands-on, outdoor education like no other! Our property, right on the banks of the Red Deer River, is a distinct location for kids to explore everything from  dinosaurs to dragonflies! Teach about - geology, paleontology, bird/wildlife watching, water systems, plantlife, or have some intense physical education with orienteering, canoeing, bouldering, or field sports. Whether you are looking to develop a structured learning module or have a fun sports day we would be happy to welcome your kids!

Band/Choir Camps

Band and choir camps provide educators with the ability to develop their groups both musically and socially. A few days away from the pressure of regular school life give kids a focused time to develop their music skills, and at the same time get to know others who share their musical passion!


Interested in having a school group come to Salem Acres? Have any questions? Feel free to contact us


Church Group

Youth Groups

We specialize in youth and will provide an atmosphere for them to be challenged spiritually, physically and socially! A youth

retreat at Salem Acres is a great opportunity for teens to deepen their relationship with God and with others in their community – these are the relationships that last a lifetime!

Family Camp

Bring everyone altogether by hosting a family camp! Whether you want to try a weekend or

a whole week in summer – we can help you create that experience that takes your church community to a whole new level! With activities geared towards kids and adults alike,

it is a time your church family will likely never forget!

Mens/Ladies Groups

Salem Acres has a variety of activities and meeting areas that are tailor-made for community building, and we are willing to

work directly with you to develop a weekend that will enhance the relationships in your home, church, and community life.


We have all you will need to focus on the ministry of your church. Whether this is an area for reflective prayer time, team building, or meeting rooms to discuss planning and budgeting, we can help. Take a weekend to bring your team together and build them up so they can reach out for Christ in your congregation and community.

Custom Retreats

Are you a member of a group that would like to spend some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of life? If so, we would love to customize your time with us by helping to develop a program plan including things like meals, speakers, musicians, activities, experts, etc. If you can dream it – let's make it happen!


Interested in having a church group come to Salem Acres? Have any questions? Feel free to contact us


Custom Retreats

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Nothing says romantic like having the Red Deer River valley as a backdrop for your special day. Take a walk through fairy lights to a glowing campfire and spend the evening before your wedding with family and friends. We will work with you to create the indoor or outdoor wedding you have always dreamed of on a budget far less than you might think!


There is no better way to reconnect than to spend a weekend hanging out. With activities for people of all ages, a reunion at Salem Acres will help your group to strengthen those

multi-generational relationships that matter. Wheelchair access to all our buildings ensures that every member of your group can take part in all the fun! Enjoy a unique experience that will leave everyone looking forward to seeing each other again!

Craft Groups

We can work with you to create a crafter’s dream weekend away! Having an interior decorator available who is also a crafting guru, will bring members of your group to

the next level – learn about everything from fabric to furniture re-finishing from an

expert! All work and no play is not in our vocabulary – so come and build friendships, have fun activities leave the weekend with your completed craft and a new skill set!