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Martin Family Update

It is a challenge to properly convey all that living at camp has blessed and given to us as a family, for the last ten years. It has been a place to grow and mature in our own faith, as partners in our marriage and as parents. 

It's an incredible blessing to be a part of this community, family, and ministry. We are so grateful that our kids have grown up surrounded by people with hearts for children and sharing the gospel. Our kids have had countless opportunities to both serve and freely give their time to others here, as well as experience the love of God through the time and care of the people who come and serve at camp year after year. They have formed bonds and friendships in such a unique atmosphere, as have Anthony and I. This is an immeasurable gift that we will always be grateful for.

Anthony and I have prayed about the future for our family and have decided that a move to Three Hills is in the best interest of our children. Our main motivation for this move is so that they can attend Prairie Christian Academy in the fall, where many of their friends from dance, church, and three of their cousins attend. As they are getting older, their desire for more time with their peers is increasing, and it is difficult to accommodate, given where we live.

Though there are many things to look forward to in this move, I (Becky) find myself grieving the reality of Salem Acres no longer being our home.

I step outside and smell the grass and trees, listen to the wind, walk the pathways around camp... and I can't help but feel a deep sense of loss. I will miss living here. We will miss living here.

However, after discussions with the board and the reality of us still having a heart for camp ministry and Salem Acres, Anthony will be staying on staff, even after we move offsite. He will do some office work from home in Three Hills and will drive out to camp a few days a week, as needed. This won't begin until September, when we officially move to Three Hills.

We feel his continuing to work for camp will make the transition of us moving to town easier as we will still get to visit and be a part of what God is doing at Salem Acres. 

We want to thank the board for their support and understanding for us in this decision and each of you for investing in Salem Acres, as well as for your friendships. Though we will no longer be living on-site, Salem will always be a second home and family to us.

Becky Martin

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