Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Camps

How do I register for summer camp?

Registeration for camp is only available online. Check out our registration page for how to register.

When do I drop off & pick up my child?

Camp always begins on a Sunday and ends the following Friday (with the exception of STEP and LEAD). You should arrive no earlier than 4:00 p.m. to drop them off on Sunday and arrive no later than 2:00 p.m. to pick them up on Friday.

*This does not apply to children who are riding the bus. Please see our transportation page for more information.

Does Salem Acres provide transportation to camp?

We have busing available from Calgary. See transportation for more information.

Does my child need a lifejacket?

Lifejackets are required for all river activities at Salem Acres and are included in the registration fee. If you want to send a personal lifejacket along with your child, please make sure it is clearly labeled with your child's name. For a full list of items required for your child to have, click here.

My child has food restrictions or a medical condition.

We will do our best to accommodate your child's food restrictions/medical conditions. Please let us know about them when you register. See our Medical page, or the required forms, for more information.

How do I contact my child at camp?

For emergancy contact please call 403-773-2226 and ask to speak to the Camp Director. They will locate your child OR contact us through our contact page.

What to bring to camp?

Check here for the what to bring

How do I get to Salem Acres?

Find driving insturctions here OR bus pick up details here.

What forms are required before coming to camp?

We have a few forms that need to be filled out after you register for camp. You will need to fill out these forms online or bring them with you to camp. You can also find the forms on the registration system under 'Download'

What is the age range for Kids Camp?

Kids Kamp I, II, & III are ages 7 - 10 and mixed gender. Learn More

What is the age range for Teen Camp?

Sr. Teen is for ages 14 - 18 and mixed gender. Learn More

What is the age range for Jr Girls Camp?

Girls Camp is for ages 11 - 13 girls Learn More

What is the age range for Jr Boys Adventure Camp?

Boys Adventure Camp is for ages 13 - 14 boys Learn More

What is the age range for Jr Co-ed Camp?

Jr. Teen is for ages 11-13 and mixed gender Learn More

Why doesn't the camp I want to register for show up?

Check that your childs age meets the age requirment for the camp (when the camp will be running) you are trying to register for. If it still isn't working or you have a special reasons for their age not matching please contact us.

I can't afford camp

We still want you to come! Salem Acres has a subsidy program that you can apply for by contacting the Registrar at

How do I apply for a subsidy?

1. You can start the application process by contacting the registrar at 2. Afterwhich you'll be sent a form to fill out 3. Once you've submitted the form it will go through a reviewing process 4. You'll then be contacted by the Registrar about the status of your subsidy application

How do I get a receipt for my registration?

Log in to the registration system and on the main menu click 'Review' or 'Pay'. At the bottom of the page there is a button for getting a receipt for each camp registration.

How do I see the remaining amount owing on my registration?

Log in to the registration system and on the main menu click 'Pay'. Under Outstanding Individual Camp Balnaces you'll be able to see the registrations if they have any amounts owing and the amount due.

How do I update my adress and log in information?

Log in to the registration system and on the main menu click 'Update'. You'll be able to change your email, password, and contact information.


Are the camp facilities availiable for rental?

Yes, we have a vaerity of options for renting our facilites. Find out more here.

I'm I able to get a quote for a retreat?

Yes we can give quotes for retreats. Fill out the form here

Can you have a wedding at camp?

Yes you can! We would love for you to consider us for your wedding. Nothing says romantic like having the Red Deer River valley as a backdrop for your special day. Take a walk through fairy lights to a glowing campfire and spend the evening before your wedding with family and friends. We will work with you to create the indoor or outdoor wedding you have always dreamed of on a budget far less than you might think! Request more information

What does Salem Acres facilities look like?

We have photos of Salem Acres here so you can see what our facilites look like.

What is Salem Acres food like?

Salem Acres is famous for its good food – and lots of it! Managed by a professional caterer, our kitchen emphasizes nutritious, well-presented, and balanced meals. Have a special dining request? From barbeques to elaborate banquets, we have you covered! We would be happy to design a menu that suits your groups' tastes! Please email us at for more information on catering. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated.

Can you have a field trip at Salem Acres?

Yes! - We offer a unique location which allows us to partner with educators to provide an hands-on, outdoor education like no other! Our property, right on the banks of the Red Deer River, is a distinct location for kids to explore everything from dinosaurs to dragonflies! Teach about - geology, paleontology, bird/wildlife watching, water systems, plantlife, or have some intense physical education with orienteering, canoeing, bouldering, or field sports. Whether you are looking to develop a structured learning module or have a fun sports day we would be happy to welcome your kids! Request more information

Does Salem Acres accomodate band or choir camps?

Yes! - Band and choir camps provide educators with the ability to develop their groups both musically and socially. A few days away from the pressure of regular school life give kids a focused time to develop their music skills, and at the same time get to know others who share their musical passion! Request more information

Can you bring your youth group to Salem Acres?

Yes! - We specialize in youth and will provide an atmosphere for them to be challenged spiritually, physically and socially! A youth retreat at Salem Acres is a great opportunity for teens to deepen their relationship with God and with others in their community – these are the relationships that last a lifetime! Request more information

Can I host a family camp at Salem Acres?

Yes! - Bring everyone altogether by hosting a family camp! Whether you want to try a weekend or a whole week in summer – we can help you create that experience that takes your church community to a whole new level! With activities geared towards kids and adults alike, it is a time your church family will likely never forget! Request more information

Can you have a women's or men's retreat at camp?

Yes! - Salem Acres has a variety of activities and meeting areas that are tailor-made for community building, and we are willing to work directly with you to develop a weekend that will enhance the relationships in your home, church, and community life. Request more information Salem Acres Women's Retreat Salem Acres Men's Retreat

Can you bring your pastors or elders to Salem Acres for a retreat?

Yes! - We have all you will need to focus on the ministry of your church. Whether this is an area for reflective prayer time, team building, or meeting rooms to discuss planning and budgeting, we can help. Take a weekend to bring your team together and build them up so they can reach out for Christ in your congregation and community.

Can you have a reunion at Salem Acres?

Yes! - There is no better way to reconnect than to spend a weekend hanging out. With activities for people of all ages, a reunion at Salem Acres will help your group to strengthen those multi-generational relationships that matter. Wheelchair access to all our buildings ensures that every member of your group can take part in all the fun! Enjoy a unique experience that will leave everyone looking forward to seeing each other again! Request more information

Does Salem Acres facilitate craft retreats?

Yes! - We can work with you to create a crafter’s dream weekend away! Having an interior decorator available who is also a crafting guru, will bring members of your group to the next level – learn about everything from fabric to furniture re-finishing from an expert! All work and no play is not in our vocabulary – so come and build friendships, have fun activities leave the weekend with your completed craft and a new skill set!

Does Salem Acres have a women's retreat?

Yes, Salem Acres has an annual women's retreat in the spring. We plan lots of fun and relaxing activities, a great speaker, and of course an awesome menu! Find out more information here

Does Salem Acres have a men's retreat?

We are currently working on developing a men's retreat that will be offered in the fall. As soon as we have more infromation you will be able to find it here.

What do I need to bring to the Women's Retreat?

We have a list that you can find here for what you need to bring.


How is Salem Acres supported?

Salem Acres operates through a combination of revenue from retreats, and donations from our supportes. Most importantly we rely on volunteers who pray for us, help run our summer programs, and upkeep our facility. For regular information on how you can support us, please sign up for our newsletter.

How can I get current information about Salem Acres?

One of the ways to get consistant information about Salem Acres is to sign up for our newsletter or feel free to Our website is updated reguarly, but if you need more information or something is unclear please feel free to contact us.

Where can I find a church?

Salem Acres has a variety of assocaited churches. Find out more

Can I donate to Salem Acres?

There is a veriety of ways that you can donate to Salem Acres. Find out more details on our donations page.

How can I contact someone at Salem Acres?

You can contact us by Email: Phone: (403)690-7601 Mail: Salem Acres Bible Camp P.O. Box 84129, Market Mall RPO Calgary, AB T3A 5C4 Contact Us

How do I see pictures and video from the camp my kid(s) attended?

We are constantly updating Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and our Pictures page on the website with the current camps photos and video. Unfortunately, camp sometimes has bad internet conncetion so the photos and video will be uploaded after the camp has finished, but don't worry they're coming! If you have any questions feel free to contact our Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator at

Why is there a password on the 2019 Pictures?

There is a password on the 2019 photo galleries because only the parent(s) and guardian(s) of the campers at that camp have access. We've done this to protect the privacy of the campers/staff who have chosen not to be on the internet or social media, but still want to see the pictures and video from camp. Don't worry there is still a general gallery that will have photos and video from the camp. If you are one of the parent(s) or guardian(s), you will be sent an email with the password to the gallery.

Can I get my/kid(s) photo removed from the website or social media?

Yes! Here at Salem Acres we strive to respect your privacy and wishes. If there is any photo or viedo that you would like removed we would love to talk about it. Feel free to contact us and let us know right away.

How do you get on the Salem Acres Board?

Our Board of Directors is elected by members at the Annual General Meeting and is responsible for setting policies and for the governance and operations of the Salem Acres Bible Camp Association. To become a member, please fill out a membership form. Board Members can be contacted through the Salem Acres Board of Directors email.

How do I become a member?

We have a number of ways that you can help Salem Acres including becoming a member, joining a committee, or sitting on the Board of Directors. You can submit to become a member by filling out the form here.

Staff & Volunteers

Does Salem Acres have any paid positions?

Yes, Salem Acres hires a number of people through out the year for retreats, full time, and summer staff. Find out about retreat positions here Find out about summer staff positions here Find out more about positions avaible here

Can I volunteer at Salem Acres?

Yes, we would love to have you as a volunteer! Camp runs on volunteers just like you. Find out how to apply here or what positions are needed here

What is the requirements for Canada summer jobs?

Requirements for Canada Summer Jobs Grants Positions:

  1. Be between 15 and 30 years of age at the start of the employment;
  2. be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person to whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act for the duration of the employment*; and,
  3. have a valid Social Insurance Number at the start of employment and be legally entitled to work in Canada in accordance with relevant provincial or territorial legislation and regulations.
​​*International students are not eligible participants. International students include anyone who is temporarily in Canada for studies and who is not a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person who has been granted refugee status in Canada. More detailed information

Does Salem Acres need volunteers?

Yes, yes, yes! We are always looking for volunteers all year round. Find out more

What leadership programs does Salem Acres have?

We run two different leadership programs through out the summer: STEP: (Servant, Training, Engaging People) runs twice in the summer and is a 2-week servant leadership training program for youth aged 13-14 years old. Learn More LEAD: (Learn Skills, Encounter God, Accept Guidance, Disciple Others) a 5-week cabin leader or other leadership roles training program for 15- 18 year olds. Learn More

What should I pack if I'm Summer Staff?

We have a handy list for you to start getting ready for your summer at camp. Check it out here.

What should I pack if I'm Summer Volunteer

We've created a handy list for you to start to get ready for camp. If you have any questions let us know. Check out the Packing List

Who's working full time at Salem Acres?

We have a great team of people working to make Salem Acres great. You can see who and how to caontact them here.

How do I apply for a staff position at Salem Acres?

You can apply on our How to Apply page. If all the summer jobs are filled it will be indicated on this page.

How do I apply to be a volunteer at Salem Acres?

Follow the steps on the How to Apply page and we'll be in touch.

Do I have to get a criminal record check?

Criminal Record Checks must be provided every three years by any summer camp volunteer/staff 18 years and older. Please email our Program Director to obtain a letter to take to your local Police Station if you have not submitted a Record Check in the last 3 years. If you are unsure, please confirm with the Program Director.

Leadership Programs

What does LEAD mean?

Learn Skills, Encounter God, Accept Guidance, Disciple Others

What does STEP mean?

Servant, Training, Engaging People

When will I find out if I got into LEAD?

You will be notified by email once you've submitted your full application. If not, feel free to contact us.

Is the out trip optional?

For both of our leadership programs (STEP and LEAD) the out trip is optional.

How old do I need to be for STEP?

STEP is a leadership program designed for 13 - 14 year olds

How old do I need to be for LEAD?

LEAD is a leadership program for 15 - 18 year olds.

What do I need to pack for STEP?

If you've been accepted to STEP you should be reciveing an email with all the information that you need. If that's not the case, or you're just ready to start packing, here is a handy packing list.

What do I need to pack for LEAD?

If you've been accepted to our LEAD Program you will recieve an email from the Program Leaders with all the additional information. You can also find the packing list here.

When can I apply for LEAD?

LEAD applications open on November 1st for the next year. You can find the application when it's aviable on the LEAD page.

Day Camps

How do I register for day camp?

You can register on our online registration system by clicking the register button on the top menu or by clicking here.

When do I drop off and pick up my kid(s)?

Salem Acres - Drop off is 9 am and pick up is 5 pm daily at Salem Acres Bible Camp. You'll be recieving more detailed instructions in your email a week before your day camp will start. Camp In The City - Drop off is 9 am and pick up is 5 pm daily at the partisipating church in the city. You'll be recieving more detailed instructions in your email a week before your day camp will start.

What do I pack for day camp?

You can find a detailed packing list here. Any special instructions will be emailed to you a week before your day camp start date.

What is the difference between Day Camp at Salem and Camp In The City?

Day Camp at Salem Acres is located at our summer camp location and Camp In The City is located at a partisipating church in the city where they are located.