Growing Forward

The snow blankets Salem Acres, as we draw to the end of February. I love this time of year. The hoarfrost covering the trees, the muted sounds of nature, the quiet peacefulness when I step outside our front door. We have lived at Salem Acres for nearly six years, and I still find new things to praise and thank God for about our home. His presence is all over, as I clean the chapel, mop the cabins, scrub the toilets in the A-frame. Living at camp has held both it’s wonderful blessings and treasures, as well as its heartaches and challenges. I have learned to thank Christ for both. I see the growth he has brought to both my husband Anthony and I, through them. I see his purposes, though not always in the moment. Working at camp has stretched us beyond ourselves and brought us to a point of reliance and trust in God’s will above our own.

Camp is in a new growth period, as is our family. While I write this our baby grows inside me, who is due near the end of our summer program, during Kids Camp 3. We have had a shift in our roles at home. At the end of November, we decided that Anthony would take on the homeschooling of our four oldest children, as well as the housework, and I would take on community relations, fundraising and networking for camp. It’s been a good experience for me connecting with individuals, pastors, and churches. All while sharing the vision and goal of Salem Acres Bible Camp. To share the gospel, see children and youth come to put their faith and trust in Jesus, and to help believers grow and strengthen their faith. What an incredibly powerful thing to be a part of.

Camp had a significant impact on me as a child and youth. God drew close to me in such a special way at camp. Our prayer is that Salem Acres would be a similar tool in children’s and youths’ lives who attend here. But one thing we have learned after living onsite for the past number of years is that camp has as much of a positive impact on the campers as it does on the staff and volunteers. Through volunteering at camp, you have the opportunity to share God’s love with others, as well as grow spiritually as you serve and spend time with other believers. I have learned to never underestimate the impact you can have on someone’s life. Whether you are in the kitchen, planning crafts or wide games, or cleaning the bathrooms. God always gives us opportunities to extend his grace and kindness. It’s whether or not we recognize those opportunities, acknowledge the impact they could have, and take them. As you contemplate these things, I hope you will consider joining with us this summer and serving in the area that God has gifted you. I hope you will feel his presence here at Salem Acres, as I have, and that your time here would leave you feeling encouraged to share his love in your homes, churches, and communities. We serve a great God!

Becky Martin

Becky Martin is a homeschooling mother to five children (soon to be six!) and has lived and worked at Salem Acres Bible camp for six years. She is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys running, swimming and weight lifting. She has served as head lifeguard the past six summers at Salem Acres, and has recently transitioned into a Community Relations role for camp! She is passionate about camp ministry and believes it is a incredibly effective tool in sharing the gospel and Gods love with others!

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