Kids Camp III 2019

August 16, 2019


We had a great week of firsts for Kids Camp III. We did an all camp canoe trip down the river concluding the afternoon with pizza for supper on the beach. They went on natures walks, guided by Karl, first time director at Salem, where the campers got the opportunity to sample wild bergamot tea and learn about the created world. On Thursday evening the campers participated in the first Salem Acres auction where each cabin could bid on items for night snack with points won through participating in games, activities and memorizing verses.

At chapel, our speaker shared some of his favourite stories from the Bible pointing out treasures for the campers to take to heart. In the evenings, at campfire, he share allegorical stories with biblical truths, as a way of showing how much God loves us and the relationship he desires to have with us.

Other things we did this week was make clay pots/art with the campers, archery with the challenge of shooting balloons and playing many game outside.

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