Teen Camp I 2019

July is finally here, meaning that camp has officially started! This week we completed our first ever Teen Camp 1 as well as the beginning to the LEAD program. We had a relatively tight-knit group this week with 11 campers, and this meant that we were able to connect really well and were blessed to see God move within the campers. I got to direct this camp with Barbra Entz and developed a program around the theme of Treasure. We named our camp “Identity Crisis”, and when our campers came into camp they immediately became secret agents who were tasked with uncovering the secret identities of some of our staff members. They found and pieced together a puzzle which led them to a hidden treasure! This task of discovering identity was a metaphor for the pursuit of an identity in Christ. We discussed how when all else fails around you, having a firm identity set in Christ would help to remain in a state of stability… to avoid an identity crisis. The treasure in this is the eternal joy that comes from being in relationship with a loving God who pursues us and draws us near. We started the week off with our first-ever carnival for campers and parents. Our campers got to know the staff and we got a chance to be able to connect with their parents as well! Each day at chapel and campfire our speaker walked the campers through the gospel day by day, stretching the campers mentally and spiritually by presenting this topic in ways that many had not seen the gospel presented.

Please keep us in your prayers as we are kicking off our STEP program on Sunday, and have our LEADs starting their specific programming as well!

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