Introducing Ayo!

July 27, 2018

Check out this interview with Ayo! Brandon, our media coordinator, had a chance to ask one of our Boys Adventure Camp campers a few questions. Enjoy!


Brandon: Hi Ayo!


Ayo: Hi. 


B: So this is your second, third year of camp?


A: Second. 


B:  Second, 'cause you were with me the first year right?


A:  Yep. 


B:  Okay. How did you first hear about camp?


A:  Well it was pretty good. We had a whole lot of fun games, like armegeddon...


B:  Oh, uh, that wasn't what I meant. How did you first find out that Salem Acres existed? Did your parents just kind of randomly up and send you?


A:  Um.. no, they heard about it from Deji. Do you know him?


B:  Yes, I do know Deji. He's awesome. 


A:  Yeah, and he said it was really fun. 


B:  Okay. So, what was your favorite part of camp so far?


A:  Ummm.... that's actually really hard to say, this camp is just so great. If I had to choose one I would probably say the airsoft and paintball. 


B:  Really. 


Joseph: (Not archery, I feel hurt)


A:  Umm... and archery for Joseph. 


B:  *Chuckles* Yes, apparently we have interlopers in the interview. Hi guys. Keep quiet now. So, met any new friends here?


A:  Yes, a whole lot of people in the cabin, and James. 


*Muffled laughter*


B:  James is also standing right there. Alright. Uh, learn anything new in chapel this week?


A:  I really liked how they did the light series and it really helped me understand exactly how God is helping me in my life and what he is trying to do. 


B:  Okay. Light is a really good metaphor. Plan to come back next year?


A:  If I can choose, definitely. 


B:  You're scared your parents will just be like "No, send him to summer school" or something?


A:  Probably. 




B:  Nah, I'm sure you'll come back. Hope to see you then. Thank you for your time. 


A:  You're welcome. 

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