Nice To Meet You Julianna

Meet one of the campers, Julianna, from Girls Camp this summer! She had a great chat with Brandon about camp. Check it out!

Brandon: Alright, So let's get started then. Hi Julianna.

Julianna: Hello.

B: Ahh, so just the standard interview for the newsletter here. Idea is to get to know you a little bit more. How long you've been coming to camp. What you think. That sort of thing.

J: Ok

B: Lets start with that first one. How long have you been coming to camp?

J: Ummm...I think I started when I was seven and I went to Kids Kamp about seven years, almost.

B: That's a pretty long time. Longer then me actually, now that I think about it. Alright then. In that time what would you say is your favourite part of camp, that you've enjoyed the most?

J: Umm....probably the activities and the theme nights we do.

B: Ok. So it's like all the crazy utensils

J: Yeah.

B: And the pirates vs sailors kind of stuff that we did this week...or didn't do this week for that last one, but yeah. Ok, I assume it's your choice to keep coming back to camp to a certain extent.

J: Yes.

B: I know parents can be kind of pushy that way but,

J: Yeah.

B: Why do you want to keep coming back to camp? Is there like a main reason?

J: I don't know...I's kind of like an open field where I can actually play and not have a limit to the space I go and not have a small area like a backyard.

B: Yeah, definitely very nice grounds here. Got to appreciate that. All right. As far as chapel is concerned. I'm sure you've been to a lot of them over the years.

J: yes!

B: Is there anything in particular that kind of stands out to you? A year that you where here and it was like "I learned this and it was awesome".

J: Ummm...the speakers that they chose all the time are really inspiring and they are always so different when they come.

B: Ok. Alright, plan to come back next year?

J: I probably will.

B: Awesome. alright, I think that's everything. It was really quick and painless. Thanks for your time.

J: Yeah!

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