Hello Simone!

Once again Brandon, our media coordinator, sat down with one of our staff and got to know them a little better. Enjoy getting to know Simone one of our cabin leaders this summer.

Brandon: All right. So second staff interview of the year. Hi Simone.

Simone: Hi Brandon.

B: So couple of quick questions here. So tell me about how you start coming to Salem Acres.

S: Umm I started coming to Salem Acres when I was really little. My brothers had to come to camp and so mom decided to volunteer and I was very, very, little. I was in the babysitting program and made my way up from being two years old to now.

B: To being a full fledged cabin leader?

S: Yeah.

B: So obviously, that first time you came here was more or less your moms decision since you where young.

S: Yeah.

B: But, clearly you are here as staff now, so you have a choice. What motivates you to come back to camp of your own free will now?

S: Umm...when I was a camper I had some very good cabin leaders. I had some very good cabin leaders and they were very impactful on my life. They were a big part of my life and they poured God into me and I want to do that for other young girls to use the experiences in my life to impact them and the things that they are going through in their lives.

B: Alright then. So what is your favourite part of camp? Like, if you had to pick one overarching aspect that really makes you happy to be here.

S: The people.

B: People?

S: I've found my best friends at camp. They're a lot of the reason that I enjoyed camp so much; is just coming back and knowing that there are people here who get you and like, they get like, the religious aspect of things and they understand like, your story and what you've been through and just having like, such a strong like, camp family to fall back on, is yeah. Yup it's what I love most about camp.

B: Yeah, I'd have to agree with you there. It's been pretty great for me as well in that aspect.

S: Yeah.

B: Another question that I have written down is: When you've been here at camp, I know for me at least it kind of changes you as you go along. There's lots of things that I've learned both with my contact with people and with chapel and all that, is anything that you've specifically learned that's kind of impacted you that you've learned here at camp?

S: Ummm...I think at camp I learned how to be vulnerable. Especially during the LEAD program last year. They...it was very like...you're going to like, know these people for a week and then you're going to tell then everything about your life and you're going to go on from there. And I was like, okay? And...yeah, and even like, taking that back into my home life and everything, like just being able to take those first few steps to become comfortable in what I...in my story and then being able to take that and translate it back in my life and being more open like, with my siblings and my parents and even my friends around me that I'm not super open with or close with just...I think that's the biggest thing I've learned.

B: Yeah, that's a pretty good place to be.

A: And even just like, being open and sharing with campers and relating to their lives. Like, there's a certain amount of vulnerability that comes with that too. And just yeah, that's the biggest thing I've learned so far I think.

B: Sweet.

S: That and like you know.....God. But...haha(laughter).

B: (laughter) Yeah, that's a pretty big one.

S: Yeah.

B: Alright, if we have the time for it and if you're open to it, would you mind sharing one story about something that happen here at camp. Just a funny anecdote if you have one. That's a bit of a harder question, but I know I've heard plenty just kind of floating around...so.

S: (nervous laughter) Haha. I don't really know.

B: Okay.

S: Umm...I need a minute. Umm...funny anecdote? I'm not really a funny person. Haha (laughter).

B: That's alright then.

S: Umm...it's like I have all of these things, like throughout like, the summer like oh, yeah that was funny and that was funny and then like you get asked, and it's like....oh, I don't know. And everyone is like...oh, well camp sounds really boring and and it's like it's really not! I just...I'm just really not....(laughter).

B: (laughter) Hmm, Okay.

S: Sorry, I'll have to get back to you.

B: If you like. As it is though, I think this is a pretty good place to take it off.

S: Sweet.

B: Thank very much for your time.

Simone: Thank you it was....pretty good.

Brandon: Ha, all right.

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