Meet James!

This camp season our media coordinator, Brandon, is going around camp and interviewing the staff and volunteers so we can get to know them better. So we're pleased to introduce James one of our cabin leaders this summer.

BRANDON: Let's start then. Hi James. JAMES: Hi Brandon. B: Uh, so, you're new here this year, as far as I understand. J: Yes. B: Tell me about how you heard about Salem Acres. How you started coming here. J: Well I heard about Salem Acres when I was 5 or 6, can't remember the age properly, and I used to come here as a camper, and then a dear friend of mine who used to live here on campus, the grounds, he suddenly got really sick so he had to move out to edmonton, so I had no kind of, I guess, purpose to come back to Salem. I slowly just came away from Salem, about ten years or so I just wasn't with Salem, and then, a couple of years ago I just started at a different camp, I was there for a couple of years. I said to myself "Hey, this is to much, this is too much volunteering." I needed to put out a statement and say hey, if you want me back... You know what I mean? Yeah. And so I applied to three jobs, I applied back to that one, and I applied to Salem which was on the course because my Mom said "Hey, why don't you just apply to Salem?", and I applied to one in my hometown. And only two got back to me, the one I was at before and Salem. And Salem was the only one that asked me for an interview. And here I am. B: Okay. Awesome. Uh, what is your primary reason that you want to be staff at a summer camp? Like, why did you chose this job over logging, or, you know, telemarketing or one of the other illustrious careers out there. J: Yeah, for me I never really had a Christian father figure. I know a lot of boys and girls don't have that. So at the other camps they had certain problems like ADHD or ADD so sometimes they don't have the attention they need. And so something just clicked for me I was like "God, I know where you want me you want me to be with kids". So I was just with kids and one week I just said "Hey, God, if you want me to be with kids this one week just tell me. I'm gonna know if I'm gonna love it." And so, I just fell in love with working with kids personally, and just that, sometimes seeing that smile on that kids face gives you all the joy in the world that you need, personally. And just with Salem especially, bringing a child to Christ, really resonates. It's almost like an earthquake. B: One of my questions that I have is "What is your favorite part of camp?". I'm guessing something in the previous sentence there would probably be up there. J: Yeah. B: Alright. Umm.. so is there anything that you've, uh, what is one thing that you've learned, uh, coming here to Salem over the past week or so? Is there anything that's really changed how you think about camp or how you think about working with kids? J: Definitely one thing that camp has changed in me is like: I'm not superman. Before camp, I was like: Oh, I'm gonna be with like 20 kids, I'm gonna be perfectly fine. This week, having just 10 kids and having another leader and I'm still stressing out. Like, okay, you're pork free, you need vitamins at night, okay, and I'll forget, and I know now that I'm not superman. B: So you've learned you need to rely on God a little bit more. J: Yeah, yeah. God has really spoke to me through speakers last week. Kirk .. Ehrhart? B: Yes. J: He really spoke to me. He did speak to me at the chapel, and my mind would be just taking his word by word and just putting it together like a puzzle. And then at campfire, for example, he would say something and I'd be like "Wow. You said that this morning and I didn't get it at all, but now at campfire I understand it all." So I've really just grown with God in these last two weeks that I've been here. B: That's really great to hear. Alright well, thank you very much for your time, J: Yeah, thank you. *Handshake* J: Handshake. B: *Chuckles* Mandatory.

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