John Adams' New Face

February 16, 2018

Our camp regulars would know the name Beth-haven quite well. For those who don't know, Salem Acres has 3 main staff buildings. The A-Frame, Maranatha, and Beth-haven. Each building has their own special quirks and serves camp in a different way. Our largest building, The A-frame is for staff accommodations and retreats. Maranatha is the next building in the row and it's housing for Anthony and his family.


Then we come to Beth-haven, this building is special because it has two parts. On one side it houses our program director's family(Beth-haven is the red section in the photo above) and on the other side, it has a bachelor suite (John Adams, the white section on the photo above). In the past, John Adams was a living space and then moved to being an office and storage space. As the years have been passing, it has fallen into a little bit of disrepair and is due for an update. So Anthony, with the help of John Benedict and some volunteers, started renovating John Adams. There is still some finishing work to be done, but we're super excited to show you the progress we've made on it so far. Click on the photos below to see a short description of the changes. Also, check out the videos Anthony made when tiling the bathroom and laying the carpet in the office. Enjoy!





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