Salem Acres Bible Camp is looking to partner with churches who want to reach their communities through day camps for 4 to 10 year olds, but need help with the supplies and programing.


We'll come to you! Camp in the City comes with fully trained staff who are willing to come run camp programs anywhere in Alberta.


We believe that camp has a profound impact on kids for the Kingdom of God. We want to make it eiasier for small churches to reach the community and give parents a chance to see what camps all about.


Camp in the City runs for a week of your choice in the months of July and August. Be sure to contact us soon as weeks fill up quickly.

Camp in the City

Church Partners

Want to run a summer day camp program, but don't have the program or equipment to run it?

Salem Acres Bible Camp is running Camp in the City where we partner with you to reach your local community with a day camp customized to your church. Learn more details below.

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It's super simple to start the process by contacting us!

Camp in the City Provides 

  • All programming and materials including games, chapels, crafts, and activities.

  • FREE ½ day, pop-up camp at your church in advance of “Camp in the City” (in May or June)

  • Design of “Camp in the City” promotion material i.e. church bulletin inserts, posters, flyers/brochures 

  • Printing of requested print materials for church distribution i.e. posters, flyer/brochures 

  • Online marketing on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

  • The Salem Acres Board Oversight

  • “Camp in the City” Program Director – Jordan Eeles

  • “Camp in the City” Leaders (2) 

  • Fully supported registration system

Church Partner Provides

  • Potential speaker, but not required

  • Distribution of online and printed materials i.e. webpage updates, church bulletin (online and printed), posters, flyers/brochures.

  • Pastoral Staff/Elder Connection (1)

  • Volunteer Coordinator (1)

  • Facilities Coordinator (1) for access to bathrooms, outdoor power outlets, exterior water, inclement weather options, janitorial as needed)

  • Food Service Volunteers: (2-3 to make 2 snacks/lunch for participants each day, can be dropped off )

  • “Camp in the City” Volunteers (age 16+; 4+ volunteers (min 1:6 ratio of leaders to children))

If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we can't wait to work with you and your church community!