Camp in the City

What do wide games, bible lessons, crafts, your local church, and activities have in common?

We are bringing Bible Camp into the city and kids now have the opportunity to have a Bible Camp experience closer to home! 


Your Local Church

Have you always wanted to run your own day camp at your church but don't have the supplies or manpower?


That's where Camp in the City can help!

Church Cross

Church Locations for 2021


Big Valley Community Church

137 1st Ave S, Big Valley, AB P0J 0G0

July 19th to 23rd

Mountain Springs Calvary Chapel

15001 69 St NW
Rocky View, AB

July 27th to 30th

August 3rd to 6th


RCCG House Of Praise, Calgary

5 Redstone Hts. NE, Calgary, AB T3N 0T6

August 9th to 13th

Packing List

Please bring the following items and ensure they are all labeled with the camper's name:

  • Backpack to carry personal items

  • Waterbottle

  • Jacket

  • Rain Coat (for rainy days)

  • Hat (one with a brim that shades the ears is recommended)

  • Pair of running shoes

  • Sandals

  • Bathing suit and beach towel

  • Sunscreen (waterproof preferable)

  • Regular or emergency medication

  • A bagged lunch 

Optional Items

  • Sunglasses

  • SPF lip balm

  • Bug repellent

  • Hand wipes

Important notes

  • Be sure to label everything!

  • Prohibited items include electronic devices, toys, jewellery, money, and chewing gum. 

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Drop off & Pick Up

Please contact us at for the specific drop off and pick up times at your local church.

Alternate Pickup Authorization

If someone other then the custodial parent/guardian is picking up a camper, written authorization must be provided in advance to the Camp in the City Director at

Authorization Forms

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Lost & Found

We will put any lost and found items out for display on the final day of your child's day camp session, after that we will hold all items for 3 weeks, an then send any unclaimed items to a local charity.


You can contact us at or by contacting the local church running the program.


You will need to pack a bag lunch to bring with you along with a full water bottle. Please be sure not to include anything with nuts.

How Can My Church Be Involved

Check out our Camp in the City Program Church information page here