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Meet Our Staff - Katie

Katie is our Nurse/ First Aider this summer. Check out her interview and see what she thinks about her first time at camp.

Jr Boys Adventure Camp 2019

Welcome to Jr Boys Adventure Camp. Where the boys took railway spikes and formed them in a forge into knifes and traversed in the dark trying to reach the goal in mission impossible. The splash of water was heard as campers navigated their canoes down the Red Deer River. They experienced looking at the stars and seeing God's creation as they slept out in the wild in tents. The boys got to smash computers into smithereens as part of the object lesson in Todd's, this weeks speaker, message about storing your treasures in heaven or on earth. On the final night of the week everyone dressed up as a pirates and had a special surprise dessert of worms in dirt in their This week was a blast for all

Jr Girls Camp 2019

Jr. Girls Camp was a blast! Our theme for the week was "Met Gala". The girls were given puzzles each day to find their memory verses! Every night the girls attended a Gala with its own unique theme! These themes included a magic garden, 70’s flower-power rally, a spa night, and finally a night of glitz and glam for formal night! Our speaker, Wendy Eeles, spoke to the campers daily in chapels and at campfire about seeing life as a story and how each of our lives plays a crucial part in the overarching story of God. We started the week on Sunday with a Carnival open to all, and continued on to a packed-full week of canoeing, archery, Pit ‘O Faith, paintball, board games, and an assortment of g

Kids Camp I 2019

Kids Camp 1 was a wild ride! Our theme for the week was "Treasure Seekers". Cabins were transformed into Spaceships whose faulty mechanics transported campers and staff back and forth in time! Each day campers were maneuvered in and out of fantasy; we visited Pirate-infested waters, the Kingdom of Narnia, the Wild West, and Fancyland - a world of fashion-obsessed inhabitants that required the campers to dress to impress! Our speaker, Cliff, spoke to the campers daily in chapels and at campfire about finding true and lasting treasure, while reminding them that they are treasured by God and that they are able to find everlasting Treasure by being close to Him. We started the week on Sunday wit

Meet Our Staff - Faith

Faith is our Female Staff Coordinator this summer and she sat down for an inverview about what she loves about camp. Check out the video!

Teen Camp I 2019

July is finally here, meaning that camp has officially started! This week we completed our first ever Teen Camp 1 as well as the beginning to the LEAD program. We had a relatively tight-knit group this week with 11 campers, and this meant that we were able to connect really well and were blessed to see God move within the campers. I got to direct this camp with Barbra Entz and developed a program around the theme of Treasure. We named our camp “Identity Crisis”, and when our campers came into camp they immediately became secret agents who were tasked with uncovering the secret identities of some of our staff members. They found and pieced together a puzzle which led them to a hidden treasure

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